H-book 14 MAK1 Sales Announcement

Компания «H-tv» начинает продажи нового, самого доступного
laptops from the H-book series in Belarus.
H-book 14 MAK1 14" laptop introduced
to the customer in a brand new silver-colored case weighing 1.4 kg.
Lightweight and easy to carry, the novelty is designed for everyday
tasks. It is equipped with the best performance in its price category.
4-core processor Intel Celeron N5100, which at maximum
energy efficiency provides the user with convenience and comfort in
work. In addition to the high performance provided by
Intel Celeron N5100 processor, H-book 14 MAK1 received 8 GB of RAM
memory and a 256 GB SSD. A preset operating
Windows 11 will allow you to start working on a new device without losing
The optimal number of ports allows you to connect all the necessary
peripherals, a set of ports meets modern requirements, namely
USB 3.1, Type-A and Type-C, audio output and Micro SD card slot provide
wide opportunities for connection and data exchange. A
High-speed Ethernet port allows direct connection to
wired networks. With a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery,
and an energy-efficient processor, you can forget about charging for 10 hours.
The H-book 14 MAK1 is available for sale at authorized retailers.
shops of the Republic of Belarus at a price of 1199 Belarusian rubles.